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May 26, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The First Ever Fort Davis Glamathon!

The Glamathon is the Marathon for the rest of us! It’s Halloween in May!

As we know, many people around here are in excellent physical shape. They run marathons to Marathon. They can bike up these hills! They hike on trails more suitable to aoudads than people! But as we also know, many of us aren’t like that.

Some of us can’t do these things because of disability. Others just aren’t interested. Still others of us are just too lazy. But almost everyone can be creative! So i hatched a plan for all of us, community and visitors, to get together and have some fun. It’s called the Glamathon – an adventure for adults, children, the sick, the well, be you lazy or even crazy!

“Glamming” is choosing your favorite look and making it happen! In this “marathon” we take a leisurely stroll down the streets of Ft. Davis. There are so many interesting things to see. Beautiful mountains, unique architecture and lots of quirky little stores. Even if it takes getting into a wheelchair for this stroll or roll, one can still be glamorous, as can one’s chair. Bikes and baby carriages, walkers and crutches are all items begging to be glammed!

If you’re adventurous or like to be silly, don’t mind looking around at the thrift stores and small shops for that certain something to create your outfit or decorate your conveyance, then the Glamathon is for you! Even if you’re not too sure you have an inner glam, that’s OK too. Just come as you are and enjoy a nice walk down the streets.

The cheapest accessory to your outfit wins a prize, a really ridiculous prize. The winning accessory could be something you pick up on the street or a wonderful object you inherited. But the real prize is having fun with your friends, family, neighbors and guests of Ft. Davis – both in thinking up your outfit, decorating yourself and whatever it takes to get you rolling! It’s fun for graduation and a chance to come together while being goofy.

Everyone is included! So feel welcome to the Glamathon! Meet right across the street from Stone Village Market, next door to the thrift store (502 N. State St.) on Saturday, May 26, at 1 p.m. Look for the white awnings at the corner.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Hippies, Caddoan, Rock, (steam)punk, sari, Tejano, goth, ninja, kimono, hanfu, huipil, poncho, Renaissance Faire, 50’s, Porter Wagoner, 40’s, Prince of Persia, geek, Gun Smoke, Giant, glapper, just plain dapper, Edwardian lace, outer space!

On Memorial Day Weekend, honor those who have died by carrying something of theirs with you as part of your glam. Or, be a reenactor! Dress as a Buffalo soldier. Be Selena! Remember the past by bringing it with you into the present. You take it from there!


May 26, 2018
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm