BrakThru Dog Boarding & Grooming

photo of dogs outside at BrakThru Dog Boarding

A unique kenneling facility offering lots of personal attention with 24-hour on-site management.
Open 8am-5pm.

BrakThru dog boarding is exactly that, a breakthrough kind of kennel facility. Guests enjoy lots of outdoor time in a large and safe enclosure plus secure, climate controlled quarters at night and during bad weather. 24-hour on-site attention with a communal porch area for socializing if desired.

BrakThru’s owner/operator Carol Darby treats all of her guests exactly as she treats her own furry family – with lots of love and attention!

Visitation times & area available on the property with advanced notice. Call or email for reservations or more details.

Daily Kenneling Rates: $15.00 per dog

Phone: (432) 249-0402
Address:409 Cemetery Road
Fort Davis, TX 79734