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Fort Davis Recycles

Fort Davis Recycles
Free and Easy

Recycling today is much easier than you think at the Jeff Davis County Receiving Station and it is free. Single stream recycling means you do not have to separate different types of items. Plastics 1-7 (does not include plastic bags) can be mixed with aluminum cans and paper. Glass items cannot be put in the bin. It is important that items should be cleaned beforehand to keep the compactor free of contaminants. Where does the recycling go when the compactor is full? It is transported to Texas Disposal Systems www.texasdisposal.com/recycling/ in Austin, Texas. This is a large recycling plant where items are separated by people and machines. Materials can either be recycled into the same product or repurposed by the Resident Artist program. Corrugated cardboard is also recyclable. There is a separate bin for it at the receiving station and the cardboard must flattened to fit in the bin.

There are many cost saving reasons to recycle. Listed among the top10 reasons to recycle on the Fort Davis Recycles website www.fortdavisrecycles.org, “Solid waste disposal is the third largest municipal government expense after police protection & education. Our landfills in Alpine and Presidio are filling up much faster than expected. In the near future taxpayers will have to pay for the building of a new one requiring millions of tax dollars.” According to Rosemary Dennis, a member of the Tierra Grande Master Naturalists, “cans, paper, pasteboard, and plastic make up 50% of household garbage. That means for households that currently pay by the bag to dump their trash, the cost can be cut in half by simply recycling. By taking advantage of our free recycling of these items alone, households not only do the right thing to extend the life of the landfill, but put a little money in their own pockets each week.”


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603 Military Drive

Fort Davis, Tx

Website: www.fortdavisrecycles.org
Phone: 432-249-1557
Address:603 Military Drive, Fort Davis, TX