Guest Houses/Vacation Rentals

Webster House

The Historic Webster House vacation home is a standout in the region for its rich history. With original floors and fireplaces, tall ceilings and over the door transoms you can feel the long and storied heritage of this beautifully appointed 4 bedroom, 2 bath vacation home with large living area that also has a few select antiques to admire. This is the place to accommodate a large family or group of fellow travelers, or give you the sense of space to revel in and call your own. Relaxing on the gracious front porch underneath century old pines is truly an experience when the wind “whispers” through the branches. The surrounding grounds also provide a garden setting among native desert plantings of sage, ocotillo and agave that you can enjoy while facing a beautiful view of Sleeping Lion Mountain.

**The Webster House is pending new ownership, New information coming soon!**