Area Weather

At an elevation of 5050 feet above sea level, Fort Davis is the highest town in Texas. Folks ’round here say “Enjoy Denver’s altitude without the snow.” Part of the high desert region known as the Chihuahuan Desert, the mountain setting of our little town is surrounded with a unique mixture of alpine and desert flora and fauna.

Fort Davis has an unusually moderate climate with a summer average high temperature in the mid 80ºs (f) and winter average low/high of 30º/50º (f). The low average summer temperatures and low humidity make Fort Davis a refreshing summer oasis of cool breezes. Clear skies and pure mountain air are a most pleasant surprise for any visitor expecting the stifling heat of the rest of Texas and the Big Bend region.

Snow is unusual in winter, but the occasional inch or so in January is not unheard of for the Fort Davis area. Summer monsoons arrive in July and continue until September. We are not talking about a lot of rain, as the average annual rainfall is less than 17 inches. The monsoons bring moderate showers accompanied by thunderstorms in the late afternoon that cool down the day.